Bible Classes - Current

Sunday Bible Class

Study of Romans - Lesson 55 [MP4 YouTube Video](Video will be available later in the afternoon.)
Brent Newton, October 2, 2022
Scripture: Romans 16

Study of Romans - Lesson 54 [MP4 YouTube Video]
Brent Newton, September 25, 2022
Scripture: Romans 16

Study of Romans - Lesson 53 [MP4 YouTube Video]
Carey Terry, September 18, 2022
Scripture: Romans 15: 23-33

Study of Romans - Lesson 52 [MP4 YouTube Video]
Carey Terry, September 11, 2022
Scripture: Romans 15: 1-22

Romans Study Guide - Chapters 1 through 15 [PDF]
Romans Study Guide (Book Outline, Chapter Outlines, & Defined Words/Terms). Just an FYI, the yellow page in the document is the Book Outline. However, the individual chapter outlines only cover the introduction through chapter 14. [Updated August 24, 2022]

Wednesday Bible Class

I AM - Teachings concerning God and Christ Series

September 28 - I Am the Good Shepherd
Teacher: Carey Terry

September 21 - I Am the Bread of Life
Teacher: Carey Terry

September 14 - I Am the Light of the World
Teacher: Mark Parshall

Summer Series - Psalms 19-28 (has concluded).
August 31 - Psalm 46: 1-11 [MP4 YouTube Video]
Teacher: Brian Ridenhour

Bible Class Archive

An archive of Bible Class lessons and study guides has been created. It contains all the previously listed Bible classes for both Sundays and Wednesdays but are organized by topic. Hope you will enjoy the ease of your future Bible studies.