Inclement Weather and Cancellation Procedures

Since severe weather conditions can come up quickly, and you might wonder if services have been changed or canceled, there are five (5) ways to learn of this change:
1. ) Be informed via Breeze email via Email Group (tag) from Fairgrounds Road (Church of Christ) noting changes to services. If you are receiving this email, then you will receive an email for inclement weather changes.
2. Be informed via Breeze text message via Text Group (tag) noting changes to services. If you are currently on the text listing and have opted in to receiving text messages.
3.) Go to our website ( will be updated with cancellation information.
4.) Check Facebook, a post will be added to Fairgrounds Road Church of Christ ( group page with cancellation notice and other important information.
5.) Please call either of the church telephone lines (573-636-8446 or 573-636-2923). After you hear the recorded message, press “5”, and listen to the message. If there is nothing mentioned about services, everything will be as normally scheduled. We update the message as soon as a decision is made by the elder.
NOTE: All telephone numbers must include the area code beginning in March 24, 2024 or the call will not complete.

Posted: January 12, 2024