Missions Committee


The purpose of the Missions Committee is to assist the Church in spreading the gospel through local, regional and worldwide evangelism efforts. The committee currently coordinates the Church’s support of missionaries, reviews new requests for support, and makes recommendations regarding continued or additional support as needed.

The committee also develops personal mission and evangelism opportunities for members of the congregation. These opportunities will likely initially be focused and centered around the existing missionaries that the congregation currently supports. These efforts may be in the form of outreach trips by a mission team from the congregation that travels to the location of the missionary to provide whatever assistance is needed. The assistance may also be in the form of work projects, bible studies, preaching, teaching classes, making contacts, etc.


The Missions Committee participates in several activities throughout the year.

The main activities include:

  1. Coordinating foreign missions
  2. Supporting mission teams
  3. Local missions outreach

Contact Information:

As a need is identified please contact:

  1. Rob Morrison, Elder

Committee Members:

  1. Rob Morrison, Elder

Mission Works Supported by The Lord through the Fairgrounds Road Church of Christ

Children's Homes Supported by The Lord through the Fairgrounds Road Church of Christ