Office / Library / Technology Committee


The purpose of the Office / Library / Technology committee is to provide administrative and technological support for the Lord’s work at Fairgrounds Road.


The committee provides support in the following areas:

  1. Computing needs for Church Office
  2. Technology needs for Worship
  3. Website support (URL:
  4. Library and Work Room needs
  5. Pictorial Directory and Wall Board
  6. Administrative needs

Contact Information:

As a need is identified please contact:

  1. John Haynes, 634-8298
  2. Curt Pendleton
  3. Brian Ridenhour
  4. Larry Murphy (Website)
  5. Bonnie Stiesmeyer or Carolyn Ketcherside (Directory information)
  6. Pat Greninger (Pictorial Directory Photos)
  7. Andy Wheeler

Committee Members:

  1. John Haynes, Deacon, Chair
  2. Larry Kopfer, Elder
  3. Brent Newton, Minister
  4. Larry Murphy, Deacon
  5. Curt Pendleton, Deacon
  6. Brian Ridenhour, Deacon
  7. Greg Breuer
  8. Pat Greninger
  9. Carolyn Ketcherside
  10. Bonnie Stiesmeyer
  11. Andy Wheeler