Physical Properties Committee


The purpose of the Physical Properties Committee is to ensure that the building and grounds are properly maintained so that we have a clean, safe and comfortable place to worship until the Lord returns.


This committee coordinates several activities throughout the year. The main activities include:

  1. Building cleaning
  2. Building maintenance
  3. Flower bed maintenance
  4. Snow removal
  5. Yard work

Contact Information:

As a need is identified please contact:

  1. David Polly (building cleaning) 375-1144
  2. Carl and Diane Olson (flower beds) 636-8199
  3. Leroy Walling, Deacon (exterior) 896-4065
  4. Pat Wankum, Deacon
  5. Matt Backstrom, Deacon
  6. Matt Beanland, Deacon
  7. Matt Hankins, Elder
  8. Mike Smith, Deacon

Committee Members:

  1. Leroy Walling, Deacon, Chair
  2. Matt Backstrom, Deacon
  3. Matt Beanland, Deacon
  4. Mike Smith, Deacon
  5. Larry Kopfer, Elder
  6. Pat Bax
  7. Greg Rehagen
  8. Carl and DIane Olson
  9. Henry Perry
  10. Ian Steck
  11. Anthony Steck
  12. Mike Rackers
  13. Others as needed