Worship Committee


The purpose of the Worship Committee is to serve and glorify God by organizing reverent worship to Him under the oversight of our Elders.


The Worship Committee oversees the following activities:

  1. Organize worship to glorify God
  2. Encourage members to serve
  3. Provide training for worship service
  4. Schedule assignments and send out notices for those serving

Ways to serve in worship are:

  • Organize Worship
  • Song Leader
  • Preside over Communion
  • Serve on Table
  • Lead Prayer

Contact Information:

As a need is identified please contact:

  1. Glenn Studebaker 659-3808
  2. Brent Newton
  3. Curt Pendleton
  4. Brian Ridenhour
  5. Terrill Newton

Committee Members:

  1. Glenn Studebaker, Deacon, Chair
  2. Curt Pendleton, Deacon
  3. Ray Wyrick, Deacon
  4. Brian Ridenhour, Deacon
  5. Terrill Newton, Deacon
  6. Rob Morrison, Elder
  7. Brent Newton, Minister
  8. Greg Breuer
  9. Joe Robinson
  10. Pat Wankum
  11. Chris White