Calendar of Events

Adult Bible Classes

Adult Class - Combined (Meeting Hall)

Gospel of Matthew - September 2, 2018 through May 26, 2019

      Teachers: Carey Terry, Jim Hobbs, Joe Robinson and Brian Ridenhour

Fruit of the Spirit - June 2, 2019 through August 25, 2019
      Teachers: Jim Terry, Mark Francis and Matt Hankins

Wednesday Adult Bible Study (Combined)

What Does the Word "Church" Mean? - November 7, 2018 through December 26, 2018
      Teacher: Rob Morrison

Joshua - January 2, 2019 through May 30, 2019
      Teachers: Dave Walker and Patrick Kent

2019 Summer Series - June 5, 2019 through August 29, 2019
      Teachers: Preachers and teachers from the area.


November 21 - Song and Scripture Service (No classes)

December 6 - Fair Haven Children's Home will be here to pick up items you have collected; please have items here in the Fair Haven Room at the end of the Education Wing by Wednesday, December 5. See the list in the bulletin for food and other items requested. Donations for Thrift Haven will be picked up then also. Please read the information in the bulletin regarding needs before you make the donations and comply with their requests in doing so.

December 30 - Fifth Sunday Fellowship. We will have a luncheon following morning services and an afternoon worship after cleanup with no evening worship service this Sunday.

July 19-24, 2020 - Congregational Retreat to Snow Mountain Ranch, Winter Park, Colorado.


November 27 - Ladies Bible Class resumes with the continuing study of Women’s Role in the Church.

NOTE: Class for November 13, 2018 has been cancelled due to potential hazardous road conditions.


November 17 - Youth Group will go to an "Escape Room" experience. They will leave the church building at 4:00 PM. Please sign-up on the foyer round table if you plan to go. See Jonathan White with any questions.

November 18 - Quarterly Youth Meeting; a potluck meal shared in the Meeting Hall after our morning worship service. After cleanup from the meal, we will have a short devotional, and then our quarterly planning session for upcoming youth events for the winter months. Please bring your Bible, enough food to share that would feed your family, and your family calendar.

Check Youth Calendar Youth sporting events, music, etc. are listed for everyone's participation.

Reminder: (1) Our Widows, (2) Write Events of the Hall Calendar.

Inclement Weather and Cancellations

We want to remind you before bad weather hits again this year, if you ever wonder if our worship or Bible study times have been changed, altered, or canceled, please call either of the church telephone lines (573.636.8446 or 573.636.2923) before 9:00 AM or after 4:00 PM (Monday – Friday; or anytime on the weekend). After you hear the recorded menu, press “5”. Then listen to the message, if there is nothing mentioned on the info line about services, everything will be as normally scheduled. This is one of the first things we update when worship services are altered in any way.