Education Committee


The purpose of the Education Committee is to provide Bible based, Spiritual teaching and instruction at all age levels to edify and spiritually nurture the Church until our Lord returns.


The Education Committee coordinates the following programs:

  1. Adult Sunday and Wednesday classes
  2. Nursery through High School youth classes
  3. Other programs as requested by Elders

Contact Information:

As a need or concern is identified please contact:

  1. Charles Pardon - (573) 690-0506
  2. Brent Newton
  3. Jim Hobbs
  4. Matt Hankins (Middle School and High School)
  5. Derick Gipson (Preschool and Elementary School)
  6. Mike Smith (Adult Material)
  7. Joe Robinson (Grades 6-12)

Committee Members:

  1. Charles Pardon, Chair
  2. Jim Hobbs, Elder
  3. Brent Newton, Elder/Minister
  4. Carey Terry, Minister
  5. Matt Hankins, Elder
  6. Larry Murphy, Deacon
  7. Monica Wiser
  8. Derick Gipson, Deacon
  9. Mike Smith, Deacon