Fellowship / Activities Committee


The Fellowship / Activities Committee organizes congregational activities and coordinates the fellowship needs and meals for funerals and special needs.


The Fellowship / Activities Committee coordinates the following programs:

  1. Congregational meals and fellowship events
  2. Meals for funerals
  3. Other activities as requested by the Elders

Contact Information:

As a need or concern is identified please contact:

  1. Larry Murphy, 690-2295
  2. Joe Robinson
  3. Brian Ridenhour

Committee Members:

  1. Larry Murphy, Deacon, Chair
  2. Brian Ridenhour, Deacon
  3. Joe Robinson, Deacon
  4. Jim Hobbs, Elder
  5. Rob Morrison, Elder
  6. Greg Breuer
  7. Beth Hobbs
  8. Donna Robinson
  9. Chuck Steck