Youth Ministry Committee

The purpose of the Youth Committee is to assist our youth (grades 6-12) in coming to know God (the Holy Spirit, the Father and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ) in a deeper, fuller, more complete and comprehensive way. We will use any means necessary to help achieve this spiritually minded goal; and to translate this mindset into expression in our lives in an ever-growing way from day to day until we see Him face to face, as eternity is unveiled.


The Youth Committee participates in several activities throughout the year. The major activities include:

  1. Monthly Devotionals
  2. Paragould Trip
  3. Annual Leaf Relief

Contact Information:

As a need is identified please contact:

  1. Kason Lawrence, 636-8446
  2. Matt Hankins
  3. Joe Robinson
  4. Derick Gipson
  5. Jonathan White (Youth Group Leader)

Committee Members:

  1. Kason Lawrence, Minister, Chair
  2. Matt Hankins, Deacon
  3. Joe Robinson, Deacon
  4. Rob Morrison, Elder
  5. Chris White
  6. Derick Gipson, Deacon
  7. Jonathan White