Benevolence Committee


The purpose of the Benevolence committee is to coordinate individuals who have special talents that would be willing to use those talents to help our brethren and those in need.


The Benevolence Committee desires to coordinate several activities.

The main activities include:

  1. Moving crews
  2. Home repair and yard work
  3. Mechanical repair
  4. Donated furniture and clothing
  5. Food and monetary help
  6. Legal advice/guidance
  7. Sitting and meals for those in need
  8. Widows assitance
  9. Children's Homes

Contact Information:

As a need is identified, please contact:

  1. Ray Wyrick @ 636-4328 OR 462-5718 (Cell)
  2. Pat Wankum
  3. Tim Anderson
  4. Mick Rhyne
  5. Chris White

Committee Members:

  1. Ray Wyrick, Deacon, Chair
  2. Larry Kopfer, Elder
  3. Pat Wankum, Deacon
  4. Tim Anderson, Deacon